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Uploaded by GODxMOD
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KineMaster Pro 6.4.0 (Full Unlocked & No Watermark)

KineMaster MOD APK v6.4.0 (Premium Unlocked)
File Size120M
DeveloperKM Corp.

KineMaster Mod is one of the Most Popular Video Editing Application for Android Device. it has everything you need to edit a professional Video. You don't need a PC or Laptop if you have this app in your phone. GODxMOD Happy to Share with you the Latest Version of KineMaster Mod Apk, you can download it from below download button.

Note: First Uninstall Previous Version Then Install This one.

MOD info

◉ Full Subscription (Unlocked)
◉ PREMIUM Features Unlocked
◉ Export Issues Fixed•
◉ Auto Back Issue Fixed
◉ Multi Language
◉ Shop/Assets Access (Full)
◉ Export Video (Fixed)
◉ Ads (disabled)
◉ Watermark (disabled)
◉ CPUs ( Universal)
◉ Most of Analytics (disabled)
◉ All debug Info (removed)
◉ Original package Signature (Changed)

KineMaster Mod Apk is an excellent video-editing app that’s packed with features. It has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use. But that doesn’t mean it’s basic. KineMaster works well for both amateur and pro users. Its creators have even developed an AI-powered feature known as KineAsk, where you can ask the app questions and get answers back in the form of video responses. If you want to know more about this app, keep reading our article! We all love to capture beautiful moments on camera or record videos from time to time, but not all of us are pro-level editors capable of splicing together a short film from raw footage. Fortunately, there are apps like KineMaster that make editing simpler for everyone. If you like the sound of this application and want to know why it is worth installing on your device, continue reading this article until the end!

KineMaster: The best video editing app for Android

KineMaster is an excellent video-editing app that’s packed with features. Its creators have even developed an AI-powered feature known as KineAsk, where you can ask the app questions and get answers back in the form of video responses. If you want to know more about this app, keep reading our article! KineMaster mod Apk is free to download, but it offers a ton of features that you’ll have to unlock via in-app purchases. This includes all of the audio and visual filters, special transition effects, and some additional video export presets.

Record and import videos from your gallery

If you have a video in your gallery, you can simply import it into KineMaster pro Mod. The app supports a range of video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, and more. You can also use the “record video” feature to create more clips from scratch. Once you’ve imported a video, it will appear in the app’s main editing interface. At this point, you can either create a new video project or add the clip to an existing project.

Trim and edit your clips

With your video loaded, you’re ready to edit. Select “Trim” to shorten your clip or cut it down completely. Alternately, you can select “Cut” to remove the selected section completely. You can also use the “Swap” option to rearrange portions of the video around. There are plenty of extra tools to make your video look even better. You can add filters, adjust the color and brightness, crop the frame, add transitions, and more. You can even add sound effects and music from your device’s gallery.

Add filters and transitions

If you want to spice up your video, then you should go ahead and add some filters. KineMaster features a large selection of filters and transitions, which you can apply to the video using a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can choose to apply filters to the entire video or just to certain sections. While the app’s visual filters are fairly basic, they do a good job of changing the mood of your video. You can also choose from different transition effects to combine two video clips.

Rotate and flip your video

If your video is oriented incorrectly, you can use the “Rotate” feature to flip it. There’s also a “Flip” option if you prefer to go the other way. Finally, you can use the “Level” feature to straighten up a crooked video. All of these tools are useful if you shoot handheld videos or if you’re importing footage from someone else. If you’re editing a video for the web, you might want to crop out any black bars. KineMaster makes this easy, letting you crop the video to the exact dimensions you want. Finally, you can add a watermark to your video to protect it from unauthorized use.

Change the audio channel

You can change the audio channel to left or right. This is useful if you have a mono recording, or if you want to make your voice sound slightly different. If you want your video to be more dynamic, you can also change the volume of the audio. KineMaster supports limiting and normalization, so you can control the maximum and minimum volume levels. You can also add a musical soundtrack to your video by importing MP3 and WAV files into the app. You can also record voice-over audio with a microphone plugged into your device. All of these audio tracks will be synced together in your final video.

Add text overlays

If you want to add titles to your video, you can use the “Text” tool. You can type your text in the app, and use various formatting options to make it stand out. You can also specify the font, color, size, and position of the text. You can even import images from your gallery and use them as text overlays. If you want to create more sophisticated text-based content, you can use KineMaster’s AI-powered KineAsk feature. This allows you to ask the app questions and get video responses back. You can ask the app anything, and it will respond with a short video clip. The feature is still in development, but it can be useful while it’s available.

Record voice-over audio with a microphone plugged into your device

If you’re creating a voice-over video, you can record your audio inside the app. Simply plug in your microphone, select it, and begin recording. You can also set the microphone’s volume level and try the “Echo” effect to make your voice sound more dramatic. You can add as much audio as you like, and KineMaster will automatically sync it with your video clips. If you want to make your video more engaging, you can add sound effects, music, or record voice-over audio. You can even import sound clips from your device’s gallery.

Summing up

In this article, we explored the reasons to install KineMaster Mod Apk on Android. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional video editor, there’s a lot to like about this app. It’s feature-packed, simple to use, and optimized for both touchscreen devices and external controllers. If you like what you’ve read here, head over to the Google Play Store and download KineMaster pro in the App Store today. Now it’s time to make your videos even more interesting with KineMaster!

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